To scroll or to click, that’s the question (for web designers, at least)

For many of us coming from the above the fold culture, a long scroll site might come as an aberration. Yet we’ve come to see more and more sites using this navigation style to the point that it has long stopped being a trend to start becoming a default. But, should it? Living in an increasingly mobile scenario, the simple and concise answer seems to be ‘hell, yeah!’. Things, of course, tend to be more complex than this.

Being from the above the fold culture myself, I found that I don’t mind scrolling endlessly in certain occasions and definitely annoying on others. A totally unscientific research I just did shows that I’m not alone – people do care about the context to pick one over the other. So, though many people believe that we should start retiring clicks from our lives entirely, there’s still plenty of room for it on the Web.

And that’s when things get tricky for web designers. When to use one and when to pick the other? It’s a matter of taste or there are some hidden pointers to unveil that define whether use one or the other? There are more questions about this, I’m sure, but I’ll try to narrow down some of the things that will help you decide.

Want to sell more? Tell your brand’s story

Even if you’re new into this whole digital marketing thing, you’ve probably already read and heard about brand stories and how more and more businesses are using them to get customers. Telling stories has been one of the greatest staples in marketing for years, and it’s more important in the Internet era than it ever was. Why? Because a story can connect you with your potential customers on a deeper level, establishing a relationship that will be mutually beneficial.

Naturally, since marketers have been suggesting big and small businesses to get on board with the “tell a story” method to market their products for a while now, the marketing landscape is filled with them. Showing how products impact consumers and can improve their lives is so widely spread that it’s become common sense by now. That didn’t happen just because – there are a few strong reasons why everybody is doing it. And why you should as well.

Lis7o empowers new Win-Star Bed & Breakfast website

Beverly Hills. CA – August 24, 2015 –  Lis7o, an LA-based digital marketing agency, announced today the launch of the new website for its latest client, Win-Star Bed & Breakfast, a pet boarding and grooming company. The website has been developed to provide a better user experience to all visitors and to improve the company’s digital image.

J&I Design presents new site developed by Lis7o

August 20, 2015 –  Lis7o, an LA-based digital marketing agency, released today the new website for J&I Design, its latest client. Shining with a modern appearance and an easy-to-navigate structure, the site for the pillow design company serves now as both the communication channel and the marketplace for J&I Design.

3 online business measures you should stop worrying about

We marketers love numbers. We take closer looks at them, use them on reports, create strategies around them and have eternal discussions around their meaning. But even with the unconditional love we have for them, numbers can be pretty deceiving. In fact, there are some of them we should forget right now, simply because they don’t do nothing for us. It can be pretty hard, we know, because we have grown accustomed to measure them over and over again.

But, for marketing’s sake, it’s time to leave them behind. If you really want to understand your small business marketing and the value you’re actually putting out there, it’s time to let these 3 apparently important measures go their ways.

Lis7o wows with Advanced Cleaners new website

Woodland Hills, CA – August 14, 2015 –  Advanced Cleaners, a dry cleaning store with more than 30 years in the business, announced the launch of its new website as a result of a collaboration with Lis7o. The website has been developed to provide a better user experience to all visitors. Thus, the site includes responsive design, improved navigation, and enhanced functionality to establish itself as the main communication channel for all clients.

Lis7o presents Avenue 26 Small Animal Hospital’s new site

Los Angeles, CA – August 12, 2015 –  Avenue 26 Small Animal Hospital, a complete pet hospital in western Los Angeles, is glad to invite visitors to browse its new website. The website has been developed by Lis7o to provide an user-friendly experience with modern appearance, responsive design, improved navigation, and enhanced functionality, which allows customers to contact the hospital in a more straightforward manner.

Vertical video – from laughing stock to rising star

The days of mocking those suffering Vertical Video Syndrome are passing by, whether you like or not. Once laughed at and accused of not understanding how a simple video works, people using vertical videos are now seeing how tables are turning. And all thanks to digital marketing and its paladins, which are now using the videos trapped between wide black bars to advertise to mobile users.

EarthWise Pet Supply Anaheim launches new website

Anaheim, CA – August 10, 2015 –  EarthWise Pet Supply Anaheim, a local all-natural pet supply, grooming, and self-wash store part of NPM Franchising, is inviting visitors to browse its new website. The new website has been developed to provide an user-friendly experience with responsive design, improved navigation, and functionality, which allows customers to access to a direct contact with the store.

4 ways to make your blog get the traffic you want

Let’s say you have a new site for your small business and as per a friend suggestion, you threw a blog in there. You overheard someone talking about how content is king and you thought it’d be cool if you could crown your own king. Then, you work hard for your first blog posts – you researched, wrote, linked and picked all the images. You publish and admire it – it’s perfect.

But what happens after you do this over and over again without any results? Why people aren’t rushing to your blog or subscribing eagerly to your RSS? Wasn’t a blog the essential ingredient for a well-cooked SEO strategy? Well, the blog is essential, alright. But a blog in and by itself doesn’t mean more traffic, not instantly and not in the long run. And that isn’t the most important thing you can worry about your new shiny blog, because having one isn’t about traffic but some other reason altogether – visibility, conversions, branding.

Of course, you can’t get those things without traffic. But traffic is the mean to get it, not the goal. And not all traffic will serve the goal you’re after. You can get thousands of visitors to your blog every day and still don’t achieve anything, simply because the wrong crowd is hearing. So, it’s not only a matter of attracting traffic – any traffic – after all. Writing a blog is more like a craft that looks to wow the right people to achieve a higher goal.

Keep that in mind before starting to perfect that craft. Blogging just for the sake of it doesn’t work for anyone. Getting traffic doesn’t mean you are doing great. You have to go beyond. But we’ll worry about that later. First, you have to think about what can you do to get that right kind of traffic your blog isn’t getting. So, what should you think about? These tips can help.