5 ways to work on your brand’s online reputation

Selling products online? Offering your services on the Web? Trying to stand out in the digital jungle we call the Internet? Then you’ll definitely want to keep an eye on your reputation – you know, the things people call behind your back. A good reputation can open unimaginable doors for your business. A bad reputation can shut them tight, for good and in your face.

People are already used to research companies before purchasing their products or hiring their services. That’s especially true for small businesses, which many times are virtually unknown to customers. If this is your case, then knowing how to handle your reputation online is crucial. Here are some tips to do it.

Christmas is already here – at least for marketers

We already warned you a couple of days ago – people are already thinking about Christmas. We know, October isn’t here yet but people are evidently getting more anxious about their Holiday shopping! Or perhaps they love to plan way ahead of time. Be it as it may, there’s someone that should already be prepared by now – you.

It’s not just a Pinterest thing. A recent report from from marketing software company SteelHouse says that almost 48 percent of the people surveyed are done with their Christmas shopping before Cyber Monday. And if that isn’t shocking enough, check this – 25 percent of them said they start buying gifts before Halloween!

With such numbers, it shouldn’t be surprising that many businesses are already preparing for the Holiday season – and some are already pushing Christmas content and promos! The competition is fierce out there, so there are some things you should be doing right now (and some that you should have done already but that’s OK, there’s still time to catch up). Here are some of them!

Is it already time to market for Christmas? Pinterest says “hell, yeah!”

If a friend of yours told you that he is already picking Christmas presents, chances are you’d think he’s insane. It’s September! Who would think about that now? Many people, apparently. Or that’s what Pinterest is saying, at least. According to a recent blog post, Pinners are already searching and pinning gift sets and stocking stuffers – and marketers should be aiming at them as of today.

Facebook’s Dislike button: aren’t we worrying a little too much about it?

It’s nothing that surprising, really. Whenever a major web platform announces a seemingly huge change, everyone goes nuts about it – even if nobody actually knows what that change may mean. That’s exactly what happened earlier this week, when Mark Zuckerberg hinted at the possibility of the heavily-requested, always-controversial Dislike button finally coming to Facebook.

Kindly notice that we’ve said “hinted” since there’s isn’t a slight confirmation that said button will actually be coming to the platform. Some are already betting that Facebook wouldn’t dare to include such negativity button and that the social behemoth would be considering some sort of empathy buttons. However, most people are already talking as if the Dislike button was already a reality and, in fact, many are already pondering on the potential consequences (which, of course, will be disastrous).

Look, it’s understandable that oh-so-many people are worried about how that Dislike button might be a tool too good to be true for trolls to expand their cyberbullying reign. But aren’t we getting ahead of themselves? The lack of concrete information surrounding the supposed button hasn’t stopped millions of people from condemning its existence altogether – an existence that hasn’t been confirmed yet!

3 design changes to increase your website’s conversion

When we at Lis7o start talking with new clients about their ideas for their new websites, we mostly hear one request – make them beautiful! And though having a great-looking site is something we also look for our clients, we always remind them that design has to serve a bigger purpose. It’s not a matter of putting things just because they look nice – they have to contribute towards that goal.

Any business site exists to turn visitors into leads – and web design is key to increase the chances of success. It’s amazing how some minor design changes can impact the amount of leads you get. Sounds incredible? It’s not: a handful of design decisions can really make a huge difference for you. What decisions are those? Well, you’ll have to read the rest of the article to find out.

5 simple tips for a great Facebook ad

With every small business out there already having understood how essential Facebook advertising has become, getting noticed with a Facebook ad is really hard. This is especially true if you work on a crowded field, where an ad like these can be easily ignored. Don’t want to waste money in an ad that will be overlooked? You don’t have to – we can show you how to create a great Facebook ad! Just follow these tips.

The Dos and Dont’s of answering negative feedback on social media

We can all agree that social networking is a great way to engage with an audience and keep a healthy and ongoing relationship. You can increase your brand awareness, humanize your company and get in contact with what your audience actually needs and thinks about you. Naturally, there’s also a somewhat ugly side to social networking – the feared negative feedback.

As inescapable as death and taxes, you’ll eventually get negative feedback in your Facebook page or on Twitter or anywhere else. It’s a natural part of owning a business – you’ll run across someone that won’t like you or your message or whatever. So, the problem with that sort of feedback isn’t that the negative comment will be there for all to see. The problem is that you have to do something to show people that you actually care what they think, even if they don’t think you’re that great.

You can choose a lot of ways to address negative feedback but only a few ones will actually work in your favor. So, what do you have to do? And what should you avoid? Let’s check it out!

4 DIY SEO changes you should make on your site

You can put all your eggs in the content marketing basket, come up with an astonishing web design and have a tight social networking strategy to promote yourself but you’ll still need some basic SEO changes. Making some tiny adjustments on your site can make a huge difference on the amount of traffic you get from organic searches.

So, even when there’s people arguing that SEO today is more about user experience and less about keywords and tags, applying those “technical SEO” changes can help you reach an audience you might be missing. Don’t let that “technical” scare you. Those SEO changes are so easy to apply that anyone can do it. Ready to get the job done?