Are Facebook Reactions good or bad for your business?

The biggest news this week surely went down yesterday, when Facebook finally launched its new Reactions feature worldwide. What many might see as just a few new set of emojis is a major change for the social giant. Don’t believe it? After 9 years of the Like monopoly, Facebook has finally acknowledged the need for new ways of interacting with the content on the platform.

So, instead of just liking a post, you and everyone else we’ll be able to love, laugh or wow at, or be sad or angry about it. It’s a welcome feature for people uncomfortable with liking a post out of sympathy for someone sharing sad news or for those that believe that liking a video don’t actually show how much they love it. But what about companies and their pages? Is this a good news for them or is a dangerous feature for people to hate on a particular brand? And how will it impact on small businesses’ marketing?

Twitter is changing – and here’s why you should care

Twitter has died over the weekend and now it’s attempting to come back to life. After a Buzzfeed report that said that Twitter was getting rid of its traditional feed, the platform fell victim of one of its own death hoaxes. Users, feeling that the company was betraying them by putting the real time feed to a rest, were outraged and the fury was so intense that Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey had to appear to appease the nervous breakdowns sweeping through the site.

Dorsey said that Twitter was “live” and that the company is always listening its users feedback. “We never planned to reorder timelines next week” he said. But with investors putting pressure to make Twitter profitable and the company shares reaching an all-time low on Monday morning, the Twitter we now know is surely on a way for big changed. Ironically, those changes are starting today, when the company is rolling a new version of… yup, you’ve guessed – its timeline.