4 elements your business site should definitely have

Have you ever visited a website for the first time just to click away as quick as you can? Of course you have! There are tons of ugly or unusable sites out there, so chances are you come across many of them – even today! Naturally, you don’t want your business site to cause that to your visitors. You surely need your visitors to stay and learn all about your product and services and – eventually – buy you something.

Well, we got news for you. That’s not gonna happen if you don’t have a top-notch site. In other words, you need amazing images, vibrant colors, a minimal and unobtrusive UI and a structure that let’s your visitors seamlessly wander about the site. Miss one of these and all your efforts will amount to nothing. There’s no way to tell which element is more important than the other but one thing is true – you can’t build a good website without smartly planned foundations.

That’s why we made a list of 4 elements your business site should definitely have to entice visitors to stay and read more about your small business. Want to know which ones? Read on!

Google finally admits that Plus isn’t (and won’t ever be) a Facebook rival

It finally happened. It was a matter of time, really. And on Monday, it did happen – Google announced that it won’t keep forcing people to create or use a Google Plus account to access other Google services. Yes, YouTubers, your complaints have been heard.

Just like Google posted it on its official blog: “People have told us that accessing all of their Google stuff with one account makes life a whole lot easier. But we’ve also heard that it doesn’t make sense for your Google+ profile to be your identity in all the other Google products you use.” Additionally, the company has promised that it’ll make it easier for people to delete Google Plus profiles that were forced upon them.

I’m blogging! Now what? – 5 tips to promote your content

What a wonderful world it’d be if we could put a blog online, write content for it and sit back to see how people start visiting one after the other! But you and I know that that’s a sci-fi scenario that nothing have to do with the daily hard-working of a blogger working for marketing. So, that brings up the question – how do you do to actually have people coming over to your site? How do you make your content reach your audience and go beyond?

As always, there aren’t magical solutions (and, in fact, we’re very far from magic here – only hard efforts will do!). After posting comes the really hard part: the promotion. Fortunately, there are certain guides and tips that have worked very well in the past and from which you can benefit. Here are 5 of the most useful ones.

5 secrets to design the perfect homepage

I believe there won’t be a single person that can deny that the homepage is the most important page on any site. It’s most likely the first thing a person sees from your site, it’s your front door, your professional card, if you will. So, you shouldn’t be surprised by how obsessive people can get when designing their business homepages – everything’s gotta be perfect, eye-catching, spectacular.

But how can you translate those terms into a single page on your site? It’s a matter of colors, of shapes, buttons, forms, text? How do you do it? It’s hard to tell since there isn’t a mathematical formula for it but there certainly are a few secrets that can optimize your homepage to make it more engaging and, ultimately, to increase revenue. Enough chit chat – the introduction is gone, here come the secrets!

5 reasons why you should start a blog for your business – and 5 why you shouldn’t

In a time where Content is king has become almost a natural law in digital marketing, having a blog is something everyone will encourage you to do. In fact, most marketers already understand it as a must, a basic you simply can’t overlook and upon which you’ll base almost your entire content strategy. There’s a lot of truth to that. But there’s something else those marketers aren’t telling you – perhaps it’s best if you don’t have a blog.

How can that be? Well, it really depends. A blog can be great for your business for a lot of reasons but doing it wrong can do more harm than good. How can you know if your business is ready for a blog, then? Easy. Just read the reasons why you should start a blog and why you shouldn’t and think about where you’re standing.

SEO – what is it and why should do it

If you are getting a brand new website for your small business for the first time, you’ve surely heard one word that repeats on and on in digital marketing – SEO. Perhaps you already know that SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, perhaps you don’t. But do you actually know what that even means? You don’t have to pretend around here, we won’t judge if you don’t know. But we are going to say this – without a sound SEO strategy, your new website is doomed.

Lis7o gearing up for upcoming L.A.’S Largest Mixer

Attention, L.A.! Lis7o is coming to the ultimate business networking event in Los Angeles County –  L.A.’S Largest Mixer! Come join us as we meet the chambers and business organizations of the area and check out hundreds of exhibitors from small companies to large corporations. And while you’re roaming around the expo, don’t forget to drop by Lis7o’s booth as we are preparing some amazing offers for you and your business!

Micro-moments – the millions of daily marketing opportunities you’re missing

The consumer journey was never a predictable path a marketer could anticipate. There were as many ways to approach consumerism as people are out there. Yet, in spite of that variety, there were some patterns in that consumerism that made it easier for marketers to identify key moments and engagement opportunities. There were “moments of truth” – stages that any consumer would go through in his transactions, which provided a basic layout for marketing opportunities.

Then came mobile. And all of the above exploded in literally millions of pieces. The rise of powerful smartphones change the way people consume media in a profound way. Those stages so neatly arranged in theory turned into millions of fragmented interactions that happen anytime, anywhere and, intertwined between them, are the marketing opportunities we all seek for our businesses.

The marketing scenario has thus changed and it’s up to the marketers to pick up the pieces and make sense out of them in a context where short attention span is the rule and ruler. Fortunately, Google has already shed some light in that chaotic path and found an interesting notion that some are calling “game changer”. We’re talking about micro-moments.

5 questions to find out if you need to update your website

Having understood that owning a website is a must for any business, it’s now time to learn another almost-mandatory thing about websites – they need to be updated fairly regularly. And we aren’t talking about content, mind you. Uploading a couple of blogposts a week is OK to keep it updated for a while, but once enough time has passed, some of its functionalities and the design choices you’ve made will be outdated and in need of a refresh.

Though there aren’t specific rules to how often do you have to update your site, there are some indicators you can search for in your site that will point towards an urgent revamp. Want to know which are they? Answer these questions and you’ll find out soon enough.

5 ways you can make Periscope and Meerkat work for your business

As weeks go by, more and more companies are starting to understand what Periscope and Meerkat actually are in the grand marketing scheme – the soon-to-be major players in digital and social marketing. It isn’t that live streaming is something new (from YouTube and Twitch to cable companies streaming) but apps like those two have put it in the spotlight in today’s marketing landscape.

As with all the tools and apps that promise to be the future of anything, everyone is jumping on board. But unlike many, oh so many others that have failed to live up to their promises, Periscope (and Meerkat, to a lesser extent) are actually showing how any business can benefit from its potential. The great thing about those services is that your business can also use them to rock the marketing world. You just have to learn what you’re doing and put that big brain of yours into action. Here are some suggestions.