5 mistakes that are killing your ecommerce business

Setting up an ecommerce business looks fairly easy, doesn’t it? You just have to have a name, a logo and an ecommerce platform – what’s so hard about that? Well, if you actually are thinking like this about ecommerce, you are gonna have a bad time when you set it up. As everything in the digital world (heck, as everything everywhere!), ecommerce takes planning, analysis and a little trial and error.

Fortunately, here at Lis7o we know a thing or two about ecommerce – and we’ve seen tons of mistakes. So, though we can’t make the planning for you, we can definitely help you out by telling you which mistakes you should avoid – if you don’t want your business to go down in a flash, that is.

8 tips to rock the mobile e-commerce world

With most people already gone mobile to do practically everything, small businesses that sell their products online know for a fact they have to follow. Yet, as simple and clear as this is for many, there still are a lot of questions about how to do it. How can your business make the jump from the customers’ desktops to their pockets? It’s not a matter of trial and error nor it’s easy but it isn’t impossible either. Tips on how to do it abound in the Web. But they aren’t as essential as the ones below.

10 Tips to Boost Your Online Sales these Holidays

December is here and this can only mean one thing for businessmen everywhere: one of the busiest and most profitable holidays of the year are about to start! These holidays are probably the best time to earn some extra bucks with your store, especially if you run an online store. Why? Because people hate to shop in crowded Christmas-y stores and are growing accustomed to order their gifts online.