4 marketing trends you should watch for in 2016

Yeah, we’ve arrived at that time again where everyone is making predictions about what the next year will bring and what trend will be the next big thing. And since everyone else is doing it, why wouldn’t we do it? After a year with changes in all fronts and forms, 2016 promises to be a year in which big and small businesses alike should be prepared to embrace even bigger changes – or be devoured by them.

It has been that way for a while, so you shouldn’t worry about it – yet. What you should actually do is peek inside what most experts are identifying as the things that will make digital marketing rock, roll and everything in between during the next 366 days (oh, so you know, 2016 will be a leap year, meaning you’ll have an extra day for awesome marketing). Care to know what they are? Read on!

The 4 secrets you need to write perfect headlines

You know what really bother us? That a lot of great content dives head into the deep abyss of Internet oblivion. Well, we don’t know if it’s that dramatic but you get the point – countless articles are quickly dismissed and overlooked every second. And while many of them might deserve that fate, some are really worth checking out.

So, how’s that great articles aren’t translating into page views? The insane amount of articles on the Web should clue you in. But there’s also another issue at stake here – headline quality. If your headline is just another boring example of what everybody else is writing, then you stand no chance. On the other hand, a great headline may get you the clicks that are avoiding you like the plague.

5 things your small business needs for Holiday marketing

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday already behind us, there’s still time for small businesses to make some extra profit. Yeah, you guessed it, we’re talking about the upcoming Holiday season, yet another promised land for business owners. Unfortunately, all businesses in the country are rushing towards it, so it’ll be easy to get lost in the crowd.

How can a small business like yours stand out? How to prevent your shopping call to drown amidst the marketing noise? Tons of money to advertise would be one way. But there’re other ways to do so, as effective as paying for huge ads that jump off the screen. Which ways, you ask? Read on, we answer.