How to achieve Apple’s kind of user’s madness


Though Apple has been taken offensives since Steve Jobs passed away, nobody can question it’s still the number 1 brand. At least that’s what millennials say when they rush to keep buying its products, as the launch of the iPhone 7 proved once again.


This feature-based excitement to find out what’s new on the last iPhone has already become a tradition, and we are sure Apple is taking advantage and already working on their next launch, although they have just presented a couple of days ago the new iPhone 7. And what’s new about this last one?


The new iPhone 7 has come with some improvements and new features:


  • Water resistant.
  • A dual lens camera system: two 12 mp cameras with a zoom of 10x.
  • A processor twice as fast as the Iphone 6’s.
  • Battery that lasts 2 hours more than its predecessor.
  • 25% brighter screen than the previous model’s.
  • Compatible with Airpods. You can’t plug in your regular headphones, unless you have an adapter.
  • Bonus track: Super Mario Bros is now exclusive for iOS. Apple has partnered with Nintendo and will offer the game for a minimum price on the iOS store. We still haven’t quite figured out this move, but it must be something like “collecting votes” right?


But what called most of the public’s attention was the new Airpods. What about them?

Weird technology products with no sex appeal haven’t made their way to survival in the market. But Apple did. And we question ourselves. What is the key to what Apple has achieved? We’ve come to an answer: Apple has begun developing jewelry with technology. They build products with sex appeal, that turns technology into items for social acceptance.


Taking out the old headphone jack allowed designers to create a thinner phone with less breaches in performance when it comes to water resistance. But some users have started complaining, because they can’t use their regular favorite headphones, and they feel a little disappointed, as they realized they are becoming more dependable on Apple and their decisions if they want to keep playing on the “I have the last brand new Iphone” world. Apple’s New Airpods cost $160 more above your phone, but they are also a very sexy and stylish widget, right?


It’s a well known story that people have been saving for months, and waiting for hours or whole days in line to get the new iPhone in their hands. And that is not because of technology. Everybody knows that is not the best design Apple is capable of delivering. If there’s something in which Apple is the best, that has to be their iterative work. They’ll continue launching new better versions of the Iphone. And we’ll continue buying, not because of its tech advantages but for the social ritual that the company has built around their products.


“You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work backwards to the technology.” — Steve Jobs


If you are an average company owner you must be wondering: How can it be possible to achieve this kind of user’s madness? Some says it was all because of Steve Jobs and now Apple is going down. But we personally believe it’s all about strategy. Maybe you should start rethinking your product based on our analysis:

  • Apple’s taking fashion elements and strategy into their technology products. Maybe you can relate your field of work to another one. Look to the great companies, you might find some hints.
  • If you have a product that is not quite acceptable by society, you should think of a restart. What will be socially acceptable and how can you adapt your product to that matter?
  • What rituals or beliefs can you create on your product’s environment?

As we said, iterative work is a must, you won’t find the answer from night to day. If that happens, please let us know!

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Stranger things are happening on your site. Don’t let the monster take your clients away!


If your site is not SEO-optimized, it won’t matter if your mother, the police or the devil itself is looking for you – no one will ever find you. The SEO world may appear to you as terrifying as the Upside Down, but if you take care of it from the beginning, you’ll be safe. You’ll have to elaborate a plan, though, and stick to it no matter what, because any mistake will take your site away, and your clients with it.

When Joyce and Hopper are taken in for questioning they’re under a lot of pressure, a situation awfully similar to what Google will do with your site. They’ll take everything into account. From day one, your site starts to collect points, or to lose them.

Google can be a really good fellow, or can become into a horrible companion, and when this last thing happens, how can you fight the monster? How can you prevent your site from being taken away? Do you remember when Nancy and Jonathan get ready to save Will? All the ammo and arms they gather together to fight the monster? The boys couldn’t have beaten the monster by themselves. They counted on lots of people and tools to help them. Well, this is similar.

At first, Lucas is annoying, we know. And so does link building. Nobody understands what it really means, and it’s really hard to get someone with the necessary expertise on this subject that’s both affordable and available. But it’s worth it.

Quick definition: link building consists on getting other sites to link to yours, so that Google starts to see your site as relevant, and ranks it better. If you decided to take arms by yourself, here’s an article that may be of good use to you:

Reddit for keywords
Reddit is like Eleven to us. No matter how brilliant of a keyword planner it is, Eleven is the best (sorry, Reddit is the best). You’ll be able to perform a search about your brand’s topics, or the product you’re trying to sell on your site, and in 5 minutes, you’ll definitely get access to some brilliant new keywords to work on.

Old content is the worst!
If you are trying to reach your clients with a site that is not completely updated, it will be similar to trying to connect with your son through the wall, as Joyce tried with Will. It’ll drive you crazy! So you should update and repost your old content frequently. Old content that’s left untouched is penalized by Google on their ranking.

Your content should have at least 1800 words
Winona Ryder’s character is angry, nervous, and nobody believes her, but she struggles to find her son anyway. When you get to write this much as 1800 words, and nobody believes it’s going to work, and everyone tells you it’s a waste of time, don’t listen to them, you’ll get awesome results!

The thing is that Google is like the real world to Eleven. It’s a mess, she can’t communicate effectively with all that noise and chaos. But if you jump into the SEO bathtub, you’ll find that clear communication and better positioning on Google’s results is not that impossible. You can make it!

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5 keys to grow your business

#1 Establishing Intrapreneurship

See the big picture. Have a vision. Sweat small things. Everything is correct. But you should take this into the next step, and that is turning your employees into entrepreneurs also, inside your own company. They should also take part in your business strategy, at least have an opinion. Sometimes for example sales people could have the answer to some questions, as they’re in constant contact with your clients. Listen to everyone. Let them be part.


#2 Look for the experts

If you really don’t have knowledge on that subject, go look for the experts.

Of course you can’t know everything, you are no god. You should then look for advice! Don’t try to solve everything by yourself, or just asking help to your friends. Sometimes it’s just the right time to call someone who really knows what he’s doing.


#3 Talk to your customers

Have an accurate email list. Don’t spam them. Just get on your email real fans, people who really want to be there. Give them an easy way out of that subscription, if they want to unsubscribe, it should be easy for them to do so. Take advantage of your readers and ask them feedback, read your email statistics so you can find out some really valuable data on your possible customers. Are they reading your emails? Are they interested in what you’re saying but they never buy you anything? Of course, if you don’t really know the tools or how to do this, go back to #2.


#4 Listen to your customers

Besides talking to them, social media can help you create a conversation. Listen to their comments, read learn from their behavior and their interest on your content. Show your brand, and find your customers on facebook, twitter, instagram, or pinterest (now snapchat too). If you don’t know how to create these contents or to manage your brand’s social network, go back to #2.


#5 Get out of the shadows

If you have something new, or something that is worth for the world to know, just let them know. Write about it and call the press. Someone will be interested. If you don’t have the contacts or you don’t know how, go back to #2.

Finally have your website updated. If your clients go into your website and find a heavy dino, they’ll thing your whole company is prehistoric. Image is not the most important thing, but almost. If you don’t know how to get your website updated, go back to #2.
Finally, everything is possible if you have the right expert by your side 😉

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