8 tips to rock the mobile e-commerce world

With most people already gone mobile to do practically everything, small businesses that sell their products online know for a fact they have to follow. Yet, as simple and clear as this is for many, there still are a lot of questions about how to do it. How can your business make the jump from the customers’ desktops to their pockets? It’s not a matter of trial and error nor it’s easy but it isn’t impossible either. Tips on how to do it abound in the Web. But they aren’t as essential as the ones below.

7 expensive marketing mistakes that can destroy your business

By now, you already know that you need to invest on online marketing to make your small business grow. But since money isn’t falling from the skies, you actually have to plan your investments – or risk losing a lot of cash. That’s because there are tons of common mistakes waiting for you to make them, errors that eat distracted business owners that don’t plan for breakfast. Here’s what you need to avoid!

How to repost your old content – and benefit from it

When we suggest to our clients that they should definitely feature a blog on their sites to start writing about their business and interests, they almost always protest. “I don’t have the time to do that” is probably the excuse we hear more often (though people get pretty creative when it comes to making excuses). But we always say that a sound content marketing strategy can get them very far and that it’s something worth investing in.

Besides, with a little imagination, you can reduce the amount of time you need to create compelling content. There are a number of tips and tricks to get the most out of every content you make and multiply their effect. One of the most effective ones? Reposting. Yeah, we know what you might be thinking – no one wants to read the same thing over and over! That’s true. But you’re missing the picture.

5 things your business need to do to succeed during Black Friday

Black Friday is fast approaching and as many of you already know, this is the time to go big to hit it big. The busiest shopping day of the year is an amazing opportunity to increase the number of retail sales. Of course, you have to understand that as with any opportunity, you actually have to plan something to stand out and make the most out of it.

Given the increasingly fierce competition any business has to face during this time, it’s extremely important to have a strategy to guide your efforts. But how should you design one? Here, let us help you with that with these tips.

5 crucial reasons why your business should be on Twitter

Many of the clients that come to Lis7o asking for our help always remind us of the same – “don’t forget to set up/adjust our Facebook page!” Almost all of them have already understood Facebook’s importance in digital marketing and creating engagement. Yet, when we propose that they should expand their businesses to Twitter, most owners are in disbelief – or they refuse instantly.

Small business owners tend to see Twitter as a time-sucking platform that doesn’t do much for them. But that’s so far from the truth that the we are almost tempted to call it “a blatant lie.” Without going dramatic, here are the reasons why we believe that (and why we think your small business needs a Twitter profile now).

5 things to do when taking your business online

We won’t bore you by saying that your small business should be on the Internet by now, because chances are you are already worn out of hearing it. But we will certainly tell you that going online isn’t just having a website and setting up a Facebook page. Of course, both of those are important steps towards an online marketing strategy by won’t take you anywhere if you don’t do other stuff.

What should you do, then? You can start with these 5 things and build upon that.

Lis7o becomes silver sponsor of L.A. Small Business Expo 2015

Los Angeles, CA, Tuesday 3rd 2015 – Lis7o, an LA-based digital marketing agency, announced today it will be a silver sponsor of the 2015 edition of the Small Business Expo, the nation’s largest small business networking and learning event. The event will be held in November 5 at the California Market Center in Los Angeles, California.