For marijuana businesses. How to market your cannabis brand?

Everyone knows the news about marijuana for recreational use, that has been recently legalized in 8 states + DC in the US. And even when marijuana for medical use has already traveled a long journey since it’s healing abilities were discovered in ancient China, there’s still the stoner stigma. That prejudice implies that if someone uses marijuana, then he or she is a stoner, or a junky. Most of us are already beyond that stereotype, but lots of people aren’t.

In a now easier-to-navigate environment, overturning those stereotypes shouldn’t be that hard for marketers. In fact, every brand in the USA is thinking of the advantages they could get from the new regulations. Marijuana has been legalized for recreational use in California, Maine, Massachusetts and Nevada, and we believe that if you’re selling to people in those states, whether you are a marijuana business or not, you should be wondering what to do, how to make the most of this.

Take Constellation Brands (Corona beer and Svedka vodka) and what they are doing as the perfect example. They are thinking of including cannabis in their alcohol beverages, trying to jump in an industry that’s about to explode.

So let’s see some tips so you too can make the most of all the buzz:

  • Make negative associations to marijuana go away. Don’t you ever use marijuana slang. Words like “weed” and “pot”, or phrases like “getting stoned” or “getting high” are not suggested. If you’re marketing cannabis products for recreational use, build your message around a certain type of lifestyle, not about slang.
  • It’s not necessary to show a leaf. Perhaps you’d be more likely to share an image that reminds of the experience that you could get consuming your marijuana product. There’s no need to show the old image we are all used to. A more sophisticated approach can go a long way.
  • Participating in conferences and expos in the field. You’ll learn a lot and you’ll be able to exchange practices with other businesses like yours.

Of course, you should be careful when it comes to marketing cannabis. As we said before, marijuana has been legalized in most states, but not at a federal level. We’ve come a long way, but up to date only 59.3% of people in the US lives in a state where cannabis has been legalized, according to MJBizDaily. So certain laws and regulations against marijuana selling and advertising still apply.

Here are our suggestions:

  • Focus your communication on adults. Segment your target for 21+.
  • Don’t target people out of the states that are pro marijuana.
  • Be aware of Google, Facebook, and Instagram regulations.

Whether you are a marijuana grower, dispensary, distributor, or if you are part of the bigger ecosystem created by marijuana, (that involves lighting, fertilizers, hydroponic, etc), we are sure you have to make the most of the new regulations, and begin right away ramping up your efforts in marketing. So start your engines, and go!


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