Dusting off your brand – 4 tips to reinvent it

You may be among the many, many people that believe a brand reinvention is only needed when everything else fails. Well, you should get your facts right! Though is quite obvious that a reinvention is the only way out for an almost broke company,  pretty much every business out there will benefit from a partial or total reinvention in one point or the other. Rebranding is one of the key to success, especially today when everything and everyone is constantly changing.

Should you do it, though? If you haven’t changed for a while, then most definitely. A fresher approach to what your small business actually is can help you reach your true audience and finally start the elusive way to the top. Does that mean that you have to throw out all your brand is about now? Not precisely. It’s just a matter of knowing what to change and how to do it. Fortunately, we’ve made a list to help you with that (you can thank us later).

5 New Year resolutions that can make your small business succeed

Yes, we know that the New Year started 15 days ago. And yes, we’re also aware that you most probably have already made your resolutions for this year. Yet, we feel confident that following 5 are a worthy addition to any small business owner’s list, even when they come a little late. After all, we’re in January, 2016 has just begun and there’s plenty of time to make this your year. How? We told you already – by making these resolutions and really, really work to stick to them.

4 marketing trends you should watch for in 2016

Yeah, we’ve arrived at that time again where everyone is making predictions about what the next year will bring and what trend will be the next big thing. And since everyone else is doing it, why wouldn’t we do it? After a year with changes in all fronts and forms, 2016 promises to be a year in which big and small businesses alike should be prepared to embrace even bigger changes – or be devoured by them.

It has been that way for a while, so you shouldn’t worry about it – yet. What you should actually do is peek inside what most experts are identifying as the things that will make digital marketing rock, roll and everything in between during the next 366 days (oh, so you know, 2016 will be a leap year, meaning you’ll have an extra day for awesome marketing). Care to know what they are? Read on!

The 4 secrets you need to write perfect headlines

You know what really bother us? That a lot of great content dives head into the deep abyss of Internet oblivion. Well, we don’t know if it’s that dramatic but you get the point – countless articles are quickly dismissed and overlooked every second. And while many of them might deserve that fate, some are really worth checking out.

So, how’s that great articles aren’t translating into page views? The insane amount of articles on the Web should clue you in. But there’s also another issue at stake here – headline quality. If your headline is just another boring example of what everybody else is writing, then you stand no chance. On the other hand, a great headline may get you the clicks that are avoiding you like the plague.

5 things your small business needs for Holiday marketing

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday already behind us, there’s still time for small businesses to make some extra profit. Yeah, you guessed it, we’re talking about the upcoming Holiday season, yet another promised land for business owners. Unfortunately, all businesses in the country are rushing towards it, so it’ll be easy to get lost in the crowd.

How can a small business like yours stand out? How to prevent your shopping call to drown amidst the marketing noise? Tons of money to advertise would be one way. But there’re other ways to do so, as effective as paying for huge ads that jump off the screen. Which ways, you ask? Read on, we answer.

7 expensive marketing mistakes that can destroy your business

By now, you already know that you need to invest on online marketing to make your small business grow. But since money isn’t falling from the skies, you actually have to plan your investments – or risk losing a lot of cash. That’s because there are tons of common mistakes waiting for you to make them, errors that eat distracted business owners that don’t plan for breakfast. Here’s what you need to avoid!

5 things your business need to do to succeed during Black Friday

Black Friday is fast approaching and as many of you already know, this is the time to go big to hit it big. The busiest shopping day of the year is an amazing opportunity to increase the number of retail sales. Of course, you have to understand that as with any opportunity, you actually have to plan something to stand out and make the most out of it.

Given the increasingly fierce competition any business has to face during this time, it’s extremely important to have a strategy to guide your efforts. But how should you design one? Here, let us help you with that with these tips.

5 things to do when taking your business online

We won’t bore you by saying that your small business should be on the Internet by now, because chances are you are already worn out of hearing it. But we will certainly tell you that going online isn’t just having a website and setting up a Facebook page. Of course, both of those are important steps towards an online marketing strategy by won’t take you anywhere if you don’t do other stuff.

What should you do, then? You can start with these 5 things and build upon that.

Want to stay relevant? “Mobilize” your business with these tips

Not so long ago, many marketers insisted that a successful business couldn’t exist without a good digital strategy. “Build a great site” we said. “Talk with your customers on Facebook” we advised. “Learn some SEO, for Christ’s sake!” we shouted in frustration. But now that all of those tips are already common sense, there’s another more relevant message for small businesses owners out there – go mobile.

It’s not precisely an original suggestion. We’ve seen mobile devices go from new toys for a few to ubiquitous tech. Now we all share our photos, check the news and watch videos from the palm of our hands. Basically, everything’s going mobile and the things that don’t are soon forgotten. It’s pretty obvious that small businesses should be there too!  That’s precisely why you should mobilize your business. But what the heck does that mean?

15 things to do when creating the first site for your small business

You know your small business won’t exist for most people until you get it online. Having your own business site is essential to get new customers and promote your services and products. Yet that’s easier said than done. Having a good site isn’t just a matter of design – it’s a matter of planning and understanding what are you try to tell with it.

Adjusting a company site to meet such standards isn’t easy, so imagine what happens when you do it for the first time. Are you in that position right now? Don’t worry. We at Lis7o are ready to give you some tips to get the first website of your small business up and running. Follow these steps and you’ll be closer to a great site!