Stranger things are happening on your site. Don’t let the monster take your clients away!


If your site is not SEO-optimized, it won’t matter if your mother, the police or the devil itself is looking for you – no one will ever find you. The SEO world may appear to you as terrifying as the Upside Down, but if you take care of it from the beginning, you’ll be safe. You’ll have to elaborate a plan, though, and stick to it no matter what, because any mistake will take your site away, and your clients with it.

When Joyce and Hopper are taken in for questioning they’re under a lot of pressure, a situation awfully similar to what Google will do with your site. They’ll take everything into account. From day one, your site starts to collect points, or to lose them.

Google can be a really good fellow, or can become into a horrible companion, and when this last thing happens, how can you fight the monster? How can you prevent your site from being taken away? Do you remember when Nancy and Jonathan get ready to save Will? All the ammo and arms they gather together to fight the monster? The boys couldn’t have beaten the monster by themselves. They counted on lots of people and tools to help them. Well, this is similar.

At first, Lucas is annoying, we know. And so does link building. Nobody understands what it really means, and it’s really hard to get someone with the necessary expertise on this subject that’s both affordable and available. But it’s worth it.

Quick definition: link building consists on getting other sites to link to yours, so that Google starts to see your site as relevant, and ranks it better. If you decided to take arms by yourself, here’s an article that may be of good use to you:

Reddit for keywords
Reddit is like Eleven to us. No matter how brilliant of a keyword planner it is, Eleven is the best (sorry, Reddit is the best). You’ll be able to perform a search about your brand’s topics, or the product you’re trying to sell on your site, and in 5 minutes, you’ll definitely get access to some brilliant new keywords to work on.

Old content is the worst!
If you are trying to reach your clients with a site that is not completely updated, it will be similar to trying to connect with your son through the wall, as Joyce tried with Will. It’ll drive you crazy! So you should update and repost your old content frequently. Old content that’s left untouched is penalized by Google on their ranking.

Your content should have at least 1800 words
Winona Ryder’s character is angry, nervous, and nobody believes her, but she struggles to find her son anyway. When you get to write this much as 1800 words, and nobody believes it’s going to work, and everyone tells you it’s a waste of time, don’t listen to them, you’ll get awesome results!

The thing is that Google is like the real world to Eleven. It’s a mess, she can’t communicate effectively with all that noise and chaos. But if you jump into the SEO bathtub, you’ll find that clear communication and better positioning on Google’s results is not that impossible. You can make it!

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5 keys to grow your business

#1 Establishing Intrapreneurship

See the big picture. Have a vision. Sweat small things. Everything is correct. But you should take this into the next step, and that is turning your employees into entrepreneurs also, inside your own company. They should also take part in your business strategy, at least have an opinion. Sometimes for example sales people could have the answer to some questions, as they’re in constant contact with your clients. Listen to everyone. Let them be part.


#2 Look for the experts

If you really don’t have knowledge on that subject, go look for the experts.

Of course you can’t know everything, you are no god. You should then look for advice! Don’t try to solve everything by yourself, or just asking help to your friends. Sometimes it’s just the right time to call someone who really knows what he’s doing.


#3 Talk to your customers

Have an accurate email list. Don’t spam them. Just get on your email real fans, people who really want to be there. Give them an easy way out of that subscription, if they want to unsubscribe, it should be easy for them to do so. Take advantage of your readers and ask them feedback, read your email statistics so you can find out some really valuable data on your possible customers. Are they reading your emails? Are they interested in what you’re saying but they never buy you anything? Of course, if you don’t really know the tools or how to do this, go back to #2.


#4 Listen to your customers

Besides talking to them, social media can help you create a conversation. Listen to their comments, read learn from their behavior and their interest on your content. Show your brand, and find your customers on facebook, twitter, instagram, or pinterest (now snapchat too). If you don’t know how to create these contents or to manage your brand’s social network, go back to #2.


#5 Get out of the shadows

If you have something new, or something that is worth for the world to know, just let them know. Write about it and call the press. Someone will be interested. If you don’t have the contacts or you don’t know how, go back to #2.

Finally have your website updated. If your clients go into your website and find a heavy dino, they’ll thing your whole company is prehistoric. Image is not the most important thing, but almost. If you don’t know how to get your website updated, go back to #2.
Finally, everything is possible if you have the right expert by your side 😉

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What Game of Thrones can teach you about targeting your audience

Like Cersei says, “when you play the game of thrones, you win or you die“. In different words, Jon Westenberg talks about the importance of targeting, when he says “If you don’t know your audience, you won’t accomplish shit”.

This article that we’ve found last week, is about the relevance of listening to your audience, of knowing what they want and giving them just what they need. But how could you do that, if you don’t even know who your audience really is?

“Start by asking questions, ask for feedback” Jon says, and we agree. But to whom? Well, let’s see, as always in life, everything is about experience. As Littlefinger says “Chaos isn’t a pit. Chaos is a ladder”. So today we’ll assume you already have some clients, because if you’re about to launch, that is a whole different story. And here it goes.


This is your scenario

  • You have your first clients
  • You have an old website that you might want to redesign at some point, with little traffic going on.
  • You have a Facebook page in which you already have a couple of fans following your brand.
  • You’re thinking of growing, but hey! let us quote Tyrion: “A day will come when you think you are safe and happy, and your joy will turn to ashes in your mouth”. You should start moving, right now!


What could you possible do grow?

Google Analytics

“Turn us away, and we will burn you first” said Daenerys. And so should, Google says. If you ignore it, you are definitely not walking on your victory’s pursuit way.

  • Start measuring your traffic. Focus on your Demographics, but most of all on Interests, especially in the Affinity Categories field. Pay a little attention to find activities or interests your audience members might have in common.
  • Go on with their behaviors. Try to see where they stop in your website, and what sections are they interested in. Maybe this will give you a tip on how your next website redesign should be.


Facebook Audience Insights

If you still don’t know this tool, then “Shame! Shame! Shame!”

  • Take a look to the Suggested Pages to Watch section. You’ll find similar brands suggested by  Facebook. You can take advantage of this to learn what your competitors are doing right now, their strategy and their performance. And if you realize at some point someone is attacking you, just remember Tyrion again: “Those are brave men knocking at our door. Let’s go kill them!”
  • On the Page View section you’ll be able to differentiate where your audience is coming from. If they were performing a search on Google, they’ve found your fan page through your web page, or just through Facebook.
  • Posts section. In this place you’ll find out which posts are performing better. Real useful data when it comes to engagement content. If you’re going to make the most of inbound marketing, you should never ignore this section. Best schedule to post is also in this section, but this varies for every brand and product, so you should pay attention to whatever is working for you
  • And we’ve come to the most meaningful point: People. In this section you’ll get to know your audience. Who’s better than Google and Facebook to store information about your fans?

Let’s just hope that you’ll never have to use Ned’s phrase: “I learned how to die a long time ago”, but instead, you learn more than us, and feel compelled to say “You know nothing, Jon Snow”!

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Communication is a war. Which weapons are you going to fight with?

Nowadays you can’t skip online communication. Everyone and everything is there. People don’t look for a product or a service provider on the streets anymore, and they for certain won’t call you or knock on your door for you to sell them. So, which are the weapons you should have at hand when it comes about this war? Today, we’re going to talk about social media tools.

Social Media is not just Facebook. Of course if your business doesn’t have a fan page you should really reconsider if you just want to step out of the market. Unless you are a service provider, and in that case you are the exception that confirms the rule. Facebook is a war itself, and we have a lot of recommendations for you to take into account.

Should your small business develop its own mobile app?

Not so long ago, developing a dedicated mobile app seemed like a thing reserved for big companies or heavy-smoking developers locked in their parents’ basements. Not anymore – things have changed, my friend! Now, with more and more people creating apps, generating software to make them and users having grown accustomed to install apps for even the most menial of tasks, almost anyone can have an app.

Don’t get too excited just yet. Of course, everyone can have an app. But does everybody needs an app? And what about you and your business? Would be beneficial for you to make one? Some people could argue that yes, that an app for your company can be fun and informational while driving customers to you. But things aren’t that simple.

4 reasons why you need a custom 404 page

It doesn’t matter how big or small your small business site actually is – your visitors will eventually end up in a 404 page (you know, the page that pops up when someone is trying to access a page that simply doesn’t exist). Be it because they mistype your URLs or because you forgot to take down a broken link, they’ll probably come across the infamous 404 page.

Meet the 4 marketing trends that are about to go big

We already made some predictions for this 2016. Yet, re reading them now, they seem incomplete. Given how dynamic digital marketing actually is, that perception appear as unavoidable. If you’re to win the marketing race, you have to keep running on the edge of all things and ahead of everyone else. So, even just a couple of months have passed since that article, we feel like you should be aware of some of the trends that are about to explode in the upcoming months.

Do you PPC? 3 reasons to start doing it right away

You might not like and you may even refuse to engage in it but we’ve warned you already – paying for exposure will be insanely huge in 2016. That will mostly apply to content marketing but the old paid marketing tricks will remain under the spotlight, especially the star of today’s article – PPC. Pay-per-click has been a stable and popular marketing stunt for years – even for successful businesses.

Why so many brands use PPC? Well, exposure. And given the fierce competition for visibility in search results, many are using it because it works. That alone should have you already reaching for your wallet to pour some money on a PPC strategy. But if you still aren’t convinced, then perhaps these 3 reasons will show you why you should think of PPC for your small business.

5 mistakes that are killing your ecommerce business

Setting up an ecommerce business looks fairly easy, doesn’t it? You just have to have a name, a logo and an ecommerce platform – what’s so hard about that? Well, if you actually are thinking like this about ecommerce, you are gonna have a bad time when you set it up. As everything in the digital world (heck, as everything everywhere!), ecommerce takes planning, analysis and a little trial and error.

Fortunately, here at Lis7o we know a thing or two about ecommerce – and we’ve seen tons of mistakes. So, though we can’t make the planning for you, we can definitely help you out by telling you which mistakes you should avoid – if you don’t want your business to go down in a flash, that is.

Are Facebook Reactions good or bad for your business?

The biggest news this week surely went down yesterday, when Facebook finally launched its new Reactions feature worldwide. What many might see as just a few new set of emojis is a major change for the social giant. Don’t believe it? After 9 years of the Like monopoly, Facebook has finally acknowledged the need for new ways of interacting with the content on the platform.

So, instead of just liking a post, you and everyone else we’ll be able to love, laugh or wow at, or be sad or angry about it. It’s a welcome feature for people uncomfortable with liking a post out of sympathy for someone sharing sad news or for those that believe that liking a video don’t actually show how much they love it. But what about companies and their pages? Is this a good news for them or is a dangerous feature for people to hate on a particular brand? And how will it impact on small businesses’ marketing?